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China Unveils First Home-Made Helicopter Gunship


Less than a month following reports that Pakistan allowed China to view the remains of the top-secret stealth helicopter that SEAL Team 6 left behind at the bin Laden compound, China has begun combat testing of its first home-made helicopter gunship. ITN News on the growing military power's publicity stunt to unveil the aircraft:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/2mDEcpfxxTc?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

China’s Defense Ministry denied reports in mid-August that officials had viewed the U.S. vehicle remains in Pakistan.

The Telegraph reports that despite China's repeated assurances that it plans a "peaceful rise", the US and many regional powers are openly expressing concerns about China's military build-up.

A U.S. Defense Department report released Wednesday called alarm to China's maritime ambitions and push into weapons technologies that the U.S. has long dominated, WSJ:

"The Pentagon took special note of Beijing's aspiration to project naval power beyond its territorial waters. In the past year, China has alarmed the U.S. and its neighbors with a more combative stance on territorial disputes in the East and South China seas. Earlier this month, China sent its first aircraft carrier on sea trials. While China's navy 'retains a decidedly regional focus,' the report said Chinese warships 'will play a growing role in protecting China's far-flung interests.'"

China spent $160billion on its military in 2010.

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