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Florida Highway Patrol Illegally Ticketing Drivers for Obeying Law


"Now they have to defend themselves against a made up charge that doesn't exist."

It seems that Florida state troopers don't like it when drivers warn others about speed traps.

The Florida Highway patrol is illegally ticketing driver after driver for obeying the law, according to a report from 10 News in Tampa.

That's what Eric Campbell said happened to him. He said he was pulled over and ticketed for flashing his high beams at oncoming traffic to warn the other drivers of a speed trap. Campbell said the officer ticketed him for "improper flashing of high beams" - a completely constructed offense.

Florida Statue 316.2397 is the legislation Campbell is using to take action against the police. It does not prohibit the flashing of headlights as a means of communications, he said.

If he wins, 10 News says his case alone could end up costing taxpayers $15,000.

Campbell isn't the only one troopers have targeted. Florida Highway Patrol records show that police cited more than 10,429 drivers under the statute. Campbell's lawsuit accused patrols of wrongfully applying state law in order to generate revenue.

So how much money are these lawsuits over false citations costing Floridians? If each person illegally cited was awarded $15,000 that would be $156,435,000 in damages. Throw in at least another $1,042,900 in ticket refunds.

Those costs aren't stopping Campbell from seeking reparations. Really, police should be thanking him for helping slow people down, he says in this video.

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