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MSNBC's Scarborough Blasts Media Hypocrisy Regarding Obama Foreign Policy

"Barack Obama is actually even more excessive on some fronts as far as unilateralism goes"

As liberals openly parade around Washington, cable news, and the blogesphere condemning Dick Cheney, his new memoir, and his foreign policy during the Bush administration, MSNBC "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough took some time to point out the media's hypocrisy for not being just as upset, or even more upset, regarding Obama's foreign policy. According to Scarborough, the "Obama Doctrine" has been a continuation of the Bush/Cheney policies, and in some cases led to even more atrocities.

"See That makes you feel better to call Dick Cheney a liar," he told liberal commentator Jeffrey Sachs.

"It makes me feel miserable," Sachs responded.

Scarborough, though, wasn't having any of it: "It makes you feel better to call him a liar, and maybe it makes it easier for you to admit, that Barack Obama is actually even more excessive on some fronts as far as unilateralism goes."

For nearly 10 minutes Monday morning, Scarborough pointed this out and railed against the media:

Real Clear Politics has a transcript of some of Scarborough's most poignant remarks:

"I am stunned that the national media in the United States of America has remained silent over the past three years while Barack Obama has pushed a policy that has us bombing countries where war has not been declared and deciding to kill 15, 20 people to incinerate 3-year-old, 4-year-old children and 80-year-old grandmothers that happen to live in the same home as a terrorist, as a target.

"That somehow, this is a moralistic approach to warfare. More moralistic than Dick Cheney and George W. Bush's approach which is: You send in the United States troops at great risk, you kick down doors, and try to protect everybody inside the house. You grab the terror target, and then bring them out and then take them out of the country and then interrogate them.

"That somehow it is more moral to kick down the door and shoot somebody through the eye, or more moral to blow up their entire family and kill little children than it is to take them out and deprive them of sleep for a couple of weeks."

All this makes one wonder what candidate Obama might think of some of President Obama's campaign promises:

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