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Restoring Honor: One year later (Part 3)


Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of Restoring Honor, last year’s rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. which celebrated America’s traditions of faith, hope and charity. Some Blaze readers have shared their personal experiences and reflections on the remarkable event one year later. I’ll be posting them on the blog throughout the day.

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Richard D. from Grapevine, Texas:

I took two of my girls, Christina and April, to the event... The [night before] the event, we packed up about 9:00 p.m. and headed to the Mall where we found about 10,000 others as they continued to pour in throughout the night. We found our place to stand next to a tree on the left side of the stage about ten rows back. We brought a sheet from the hotel to sit on but we found that the temperature would get quite chilly that night.

We settled in next to a family from Virgina on our left and a couple of guys from Boston on our right. As a former Marine myself, I engaged in conversation with this and another family and found out that the one was also a former marine. As I turned to my right, I met the guys from Boston, a lively group to say the least. We shared for a while then the whole Mall started singing our National Anthem and Christian hymns...

At about 3:00 a.m., the Boston guys had shared a story with us about this Iranian cab driver and how he knew why we were there and how it was quite interesting to listen as an American how the driver spelled out why Restoring Honor needed to happen! In their short time with him, they bonded and asked him if they could get his cell phone number and call him if they got hungry -- very wise because we were all hungry!

So about 5:00 a.m., one of them put out the call for food and coffee. I was looking forward to some coffee but we feared losing our place. About an hour later, however, the cab driver arrived with food in tow! Wow that was unbelievable that a stranger from another country would do this for us! It just goes to show you that God is working and was working through people that weekend.

Since that time, my girls have had some great conversations about the event and I believe that it impacted their lives forever!

We held a Restoring Courage event this year in Honey Grove, Texas. My daughter said she felt like she did at Restoring Honor -- Amen! Bless Glenn and all employees of Mercury!

Do you have a Restoring Honor story to share?  Email me your thoughts at mjessup@theblaze.com.

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