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The hypocrisy and atrocities of the 'Obama Doctrine


Yesterday I reported on the excellent discussion on Monday's Morning Joe, where host Joe Scarborough was able to gain traction and agreement among a bipartisan panel into the hideousness of the "Obama Doctrine" of foreign policy, and the hypocrisy in the media's coverage of it.

“I am stunned that the national media in the United States of America has remained silent over the past three years while Barack Obama has pushed a policy that has us bombing countries where war has not been declared and deciding to kill 15, 20 people to incinerate 3-year-old, 4-year-old children and 80-year-old grandmothers that happen to live in the same home as a terrorist, as a target.

“That somehow, this is a moralistic approach to warfare. More moralistic than Dick Cheney and George W. Bush’s approach which is: You send in the United States troops at great risk, you kick down doors, and try to protect everybody inside the house. You grab the terror target, and then bring them out and then take them out of the country and then interrogate them.

“That somehow it is more moral to kick down the door and shoot somebody through the eye, or more moral to blow up their entire family and kill little children than it is to take them out and deprive them of sleep for a couple of weeks.”

Joe was spot on. Liberal media commentators who love to condemn George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for their record on foreign policy, even going so far as labeling it a "moral hazard" for Americans not to join in their hysteric criticism, seem to have by-and-large given Obama a free pass to conduct a faceless, ruthless, leave-no-prisoners operation of U.S. foreign policy.

My question is, beyond the lack of criticism from the mainstream media, where is the voice of the organized and elected left in all of this?

Where is Rep. Nancy Pelosi's rally against the "Obama Doctrine" to mass drone bomb as many innocent civilians as the President pleases?

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. John Kerry will go on Meet the Press to talk about "the Tea Party downgrade," but will not speak against the "Obama Doctrine" of assassination over capture, where the executive branch alone decides who will live and die in an instant, even when it comes to U.S. citizens.

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich will sue the White House for unilaterally going to war with Libya, calling it an impeachable offense, but where are his Democratic colleagues in Congress who have been vigorously critical of Bush foreign policy for the last ten years?

It seems that members of the liberal media and Congress will criticize the President for not being vocally "liberal enough" only when it comes to face-offs with Republicans -- like during labor disputes in Wisconsin or in the debt ceiling debate.

However, when Obama advocates a type of Bush/Cheney foreign policy that the anti-war movement led by Reps. Kucinich and Ron Paul would find even more aggressive and egregious, the majority of Democrats go silent.

Talk about a moral hazard.

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