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Viral Hit: 4-Year-Old Chinese Girl Drives Car as Father Coaches Her


"Pay attention when passing other cars."

An Internet video that appears to show a 4-year-old girl driving a car in China has gone viral, quickly surpassing 300,000 views on Chinese video sharing site Youku.

The little girl was recorded driving for several minutes, without incident, with only gentle guidance from her father, telling her to "Pay attention when passing other cars."

Sky News:

Her parents apparently allowed her to drive along the road in Jinal, Shandong Province, China, filming her from the back seat of the car.

In the video, posted on YouTube by user wangdazhi712, the child called Jia Zheng by a man in the vehicle believed to be her father, can be seen calmly overtaking other cars.

Watch the video for yourself:

NY Daily News:

The steering wheel does seem to be a bit large for her, but the daring parents fit extensions to the brake and accelerator pedal to allow her to drive the vehicle.

At the end of her joy ride, she steers the car over to the side and gets out of the driver's seat – and pops a pacifier back into her mouth.

The stunt, while it may be adorable, has many people alarmed. But local official Li Xiaobin told that there wasn't much they could do – even if they tracked down the family

And here's a more "raw" version of the video:

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