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Which Country Has the Most Unhealthy Middle-Aged People? It's Not the US...


Unfortunately it seems that conventional wisdom often produces the statement that America is home to the most unhealthy people in the world. However, a new study finds that middle-aged Brits are fatter, more depressed, and smoke more cigarettes than any other middle-aged men and women in the world. AOL Lifestyle on what researchers from BUPA found when asking more than 13,000 people from 12 countries around the world about their lifestyles:

"Although Americans are often thought to be the world's fattest, it turned out that British people aged 45-54 were the most overweight.

Over one third of people in this age group in Britain are overweight, twice the international average for all the countries in the study.

Only 8% described themselves as 'healthy' and 24% smoked 10 or more cigarettes a day, compared to the average of 18%.

Over a quarter of Brits in this age group said they were depressed, in comparison to an international average of 17%.

While 73% of Mexicans and 64% of Brazilians described themselves as 'positive', only 48% of Britons said they felt positive."

The demographic of British described as "very healthy" improves in the 55-64-year-old braket, but still only makes up 11 percent of that age group.

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