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Bachmann to join Leno on ‘Tonight Show’


A regular punchline on the late night circuit, Michele Bachmann will be making her debut as a guest on the "Tonight Show" next Friday, according to The Hill.

The Republican presidential candidate was scheduled to appear with Jay Leno on his show this week, but it was pushed back after President Obama called the joint session of Congress for his jobs speech, according to a Bachmann spokesman.

It's become common for politicians who make a bid for the White House to show up on late night comedy shows to reach potential voters who may not keep up with the hard news cycle.

Back in July , Leno did a spoof on Bachmann's clash with singer Tom Petty over the rights to using his song "American Girl" on the campaign trail. There's no telling if Leno will go easy on her when face-to-face, but we'll definitely be setting our DVRs.

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