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Friday morning must-reads


Washington and New York on high alert for 9/11 anniversary

Michelle Malkin: Are our kids learning the right lessons about 9/11?

Charles Krauthammer: The 9/11 "overreaction"? Nonsense

Obama works to put straw men back to work

Conservative college students critique Obama’s speech

John Podhoretz: Obama talks a big game, but offers more of the same

White House touts Jimmy Hoffa endorsement of jobs plan

Gibson Guitar CEO slams "big liberal" Obama

Obama's illegal uncle quietly released from jail

More "Fast and Furious" guns found at Arizona crime scene

Multiple arrests made as liberals protest Paul Ryan townhall

Obama administration says it will pick up the tab for NH abortions following

Democrats scramble to save Anthony Weiner's congressional seat

Allen West refuses to quit the Congressional Black Caucus

Providing for the common defense: A look at the U.S. military 10 years after 9/11

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