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Al Jazeera: Pakistanis Still Skeptical of Bin Laden's Death


"We have never seen any video, we have never seen any picture of bin Laden, and we have never seen a dead body."

More than four months after an elite team of Navy SEALs killed the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Al Jazeera reports there is still skepticism among Pakistanis about whether or not Osama bin Laden is really dead.

Al Jazeera interviewed residents in Abbottabad, Pakistan where Bin Laden's compound was located, and found most local residents share suspicions about whether the former Al Qaida leader was actually killed.

Musab Rashid, a university student, lives about 100 yards from the compound. He told Al Jazeera he does not believe Bin Laden died -- or even lived -- there.

"Are there any facts? Is there any proof provided by America to the whole world to prove this thing true? We have never seen any video, we have never seen any picture of bin Laden, and we have never seen a dead body," Rashid said.

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His classmate, Mohammed Waqas, also said he does not believe the U.S.'s version of events, and questioned the lack of documented proof.

"Why did they bury him at sea, in just a few hours or one day? Why? Why didn't they show his corpse? Why should we believe what Barack Obama says? Show us some proof," Waqas said.

Dr. Azhar Jadoon, the leader of Tehrik-e-Sooba Hazara, a powerful political party in Abbottabad, is also skeptical, citing Bin Laden's supposed deteriorating health.

"I'm a trained medical doctor. From everything I've read about Osama, he was a kidney patient. From what I know of the medications that were found in that house, there were no such drugs to treat a kidney patient," Jadoon said. "There is no way he could have lived there - certainly not for several years. Maybe his wife and children did, but not him."

Still, there was one resident the reporter found who said he had no reason to doubt Bin Laden's death: Sohaib Athar, who became an instant online celebrity for inadvertently live tweeting the events of the secret U.S. operation.

"I believe that Osama is dead because we don't any evidence of him alive right now," Athar said simply. "If he were alive, he would have released a video. I also heard from eyewitnesses that when his wife came out of the compound handcuffed, she was shouting about her husband being dead. Why wouldn't I believe it?"
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