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The Blaze Debuts New Radio News Anchor During the Glenn Beck Radio Program


Monday marked official debut of the new GBTV channel, but also this week we are marking the debut of one of Mercury Radio Arts' newest employees.

If you tuned in for the Glenn Beck radio program Monday morning, you were informally introduced to The Blaze's own news reporter and anchor Robyn Walensky as she interjected the latest news from The Blaze into the broadcast.

So who is Robyn Walensky and how did she come to be tied up with the likes of us?

Robyn's veteran news career has included extensive coverage of crime, terrorism, politics and other breaking news and spanned more than 20 years on both radio and television. She's also the published co-author of Covering Catastrophe: Broadcast Journalists Report 9-11-01 reporting extensively on both the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and the 9/11 attacks on New York in 2001.

In addition to these memorable headlines, Robyn has been at the center of covering some of the last decade's biggest stories, including the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba, the shootings at Virginia Tech University, the BP Gulf oil spill, OJ Simpson's arrest and theft conviction in Las Vegas and extensive political coverage from the presidential campaign trail and political conventions since 1992.

More recently, Robyn could be heard leading prime-time reporting of the Casey Anthony trial on WDBO, Orlando's top-rated news and information station. In addition, she co-hosted a daily program called "Casey on Trial" and regularly offered insight on CNN's Nancy Grace Show. The high-profile murder trial has also inspired her to begin work on a second book which will offer her unique and exclusive perspective on the trial.

Prior to joining WDBO Robyn was covering New Orleans, first as the co-host of a highly rated morning news and talk program on WRNO-FM and later as a television reporter for WGNO-TV. She covered everything from the BP oil spill in the Gulf to the Saints improbable run to the Super Bowl.

Robyn has also worked as a national correspondent and news anchor for Fox News Radio, the Associated Press, WWOR television in New York and the legendary Newsradio 1010 WINS also in New York City.

Walensky obtained her B.A. in Journalism and Political Science from The George Washington University and went on to get her Masters degree in Journalism from New York University. Robyn has taught Journalism courses at Tulane University and continues to teach feature-writing online.

In the coming months, stay tuned to The Blaze and GBTV to catch Robyn anchoring stories on the Glenn Beck radio program daily and taking viewers out of the studio to report on exclusive stories.

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