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Bachmann slams ‘PerryCare’ in new web message


GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann seems to think that conjuring up a Gardasilgate scandal and hammering Rick Perry for "abusing executive power" is what's going to propel her back to the top of the GOP field. I don't agree, but take a look at her latest web message and see what you think:

While Perry's attempt to mandate HPV vaccinations for young girls by executive order was a troubling over-extension of executive power, I honestly don't think that that one failed policy should become a cornerstone of Bachmann's campaign message, especially as her accusations of cronyism and recklessness are quickly losing traction (even scoffed at) and many are coming to Perry's defense.  While I don't agree with Will's earlier estimation that it's time for Bachmann to exit the race, I just don't see this issue as a trajectory-changer for her campaign.

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