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Friday evening must-reads


Obama hopes his "next inauguration is warmer"

Rasmussen 2012 match-up: Obama 46%, Perry 39%

New government regulation balloons medical bureacuracy

Federal Reserve funnels dollars into Europe to help global economy

New Obama stimulus plans to spend at least $230,000 per job

California unemployment hits 12.1%

Tavis Smiley: Blacks "ought to be looked out for"

Charles Krauthammer: A Ponzi scheme that should be fixed

Ex-Solyndra employees now applying for trade adjustment assistance

Mark Steyn: Obama's magical thinking on green jobs

Are Fast and Furious guns coming to a town near you?

Do we have more oil than we thought?

Mail delivery is about to get even slower

Paris bans Muslim street prayers

Want less inequality? Stop subsidizing schools & universities

Start the weekend off right with an Abe Lincoln trick shot video:

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