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James Carville: ‘There Were Enough Deaths at Stalingrad’ to make ‘Tea Party Collectively Orgasm’


"clean-air-hating, mortality-fascinated, Wall-Street-protecting Republicans."

In a recent article penned for CNN addressing President Obama, unabashed Democratic strategist James Carville revealed his true feelings about the Tea Party.

Carville boldly asserted that its members harbor a deep seated blood-lust -- a kind so egregious in fact that they would have orgasmically rejoiced over the deaths at Stalingrad. The "Rajun' Cajun" also lamented the "clean-air-hating, mortality-fascinated, Wall-Street-protecting Republicans running my country."

"This may be news to you [Obama] but this is not going well. For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm," Carville blasted.

Strangely, the bizarre tirade appeared in a "letter" that was focused on Obama's re-election strategy. For Carville, smearing conservatives and Obama's re-election apparently go hand in hand. He continued:

"As I watch the Republican debates, I realize that we are on the brink of a crazy person running our nation," Carville fretted. "I sit in front of the television and shudder at the thought of one of these creationism-loving, global-warming-denying, immigration-bashing, Social-Security-cutting, clean-air-hating, mortality-fascinated, Wall-Street-protecting Republicans running my country."

Carville's brief list of things Obama must do to get re-elected included, "panic," "fire a lot of people," and "indict people."

Below is a clip of Carville discussing his article with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

(h/t: NewsBusters)

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