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Even Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann are Coming to Sarah Palin's Defense Against New Book


"I’m — I’m actually — on Sarah Palin’s — side on this."

Even Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann are taking Sarah Palin's side against a new book making wild claims about the former Alaska governor, including that she engaged in multiple affairs and once snorted cocaine off an oil drum.

On his show Friday night, Maher steered the roundtable discussion from joking about Palin to talking about the book, saying many reviewers, including the New York Times, thought Palin got "a raw deal" over all the unsubstantiated rumors that were published.

Olbermann, who was a guest on the panel, jumped in to defend Palin, albeit haltingly.

"I'm -- I'm actually -- on Sarah Palin's -- side on this," he said hesitantly, before assuaging himself by quickly adding: "That woman is an idiot."

Olbermann conceded that Palin is a public figure and writing about her is fair game, but still sounded perturbed about the book's content.

"Most of the stuff in there -- why is it relevant and what’s the point of it and how well-sourced is it?" he asked.

Watch the full clip below, via Mediaite.

Content warning -- contains offensive language. Discussion about the book begins at the 3:00 mark:

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