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Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Coaltion has a gay problem


There's enough irony here to teach an entire semester's worth of English literature. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition has been presented with a lawsuit by a gay ex-staffer. Even dirtier, it's a sexual harassment lawsuit.

The complaint was filed by Tommy Bennett who began working with the Coalition in 2007 and was fired in 2009.

According to the complaint:

"Caroline Wiggins, the membership and volunteer coordinator, went to Rev. Jackson to speak with him and inform him that she did not want to be under his supervision because Mr. Bennett is homosexual.

"Rev. Jackson moved Ms. Wiggins from under Mr. Bennett's supervision and put her under the supervision of the field director, Rev. Livingston. Mr. Bennett was informed of this by Rev. Livingston.

"Ms. Wiggins told the entire staff that she was glad that she did not have to answer to Mr. Bennett, a homosexual ..."

"From that point forward, Ms. Wiggins would make a limp wrist gesture towards Mr. Bennett whenever Mr. Bennett walked down the hallway," the complaint says. Bennett also alleges that Jackson made him bring women to Jackson's hotel room. (Even to us, that last one seems like a stretch.)

h/t Talking Points Memo

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