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Levi‘s strikes again with ’uniform of progress’ ad


A few days ago I wrote a story about seeing a disturbing Levi's commercial during the Monday Night Football game. It glorified revolution and riots. That's caused quite a stir, with Glenn Beck getting fired up and Levi's responding.

So imagine my continued surprise when I opened up my latest ESPN: The Magazine and found a two-page ad by Levi's that continued the message put forth by the company's global president. Remember, he's the guy who said this:

"You've got young people showing up saying let's galvanise the power of our collective force, work hard to make the world a better place," Hanson said. "And what better brand than Levi's? We're doing a lot of innovative things in our products and stores to have them choose Levi's as the uniform of progress."

He wasn't kidding. Here's the ad in the recent copy of "The Mag:"

In case you're wondering, it reads, "the uniform of progress."

Hurry, they're flying off the shelves.

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