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Report: Terrorists Used Heroin to Numb Pain Before Launching Violent Suicide Attacks


"...they were promised paradise with virgins."


A new report takes the concept of "self-medicating" to bizarre levels. Saudi Arabian officials are alleging that, in recent years, terrorists may have taken heroin to ease pain during suicide attacks.

The results of laboratory tests, at the least, seem to confirm that these individuals who have implemented attacks in Saudi Arabia have used the drug.

This startling report -- which raises some intriguing questions about the mental states of these suicide bombers -- was published earlier today in Al Watan, a Saudi Arabian newspaper. According to the nation's security advisor, Dr. Yusuf Rumaih, samples that were sent to three foreign countries tested positive for the drug.

Rumaih claims that the terrorists used sex to recruit the young people and then administered the drug to anesthetize them. Authorities are saying that the heroin allowed the men to "commit suicide with indifference as they were promised paradise with virgins."

While it is certainly possible that the drug showed up in these perpetrators' bodies, it may be a bit of a stretch to claim that it was taken purposefully to avoid pain during suicide attacks. After all, it's entirely possible that these individuals simply used the drug recreationally. Either way, it's tough to know the true motivations for usage.

IsraelNationalNews.com adds that this isn't the first time allegations that terror leaders inject pain killers and drugs in suicide bombers. Similar tales have been told in Afghanistan and Iraq, but no forensic evidence has corroborated these charges.

Considering that terror groups have access to heroin and opium and that these rogue clans make mounds of cash off of the drug trade, this story coming our of Saudi Arabia may very well be true.

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