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Belgian Architects Design and Construct See-Through Church


With scandal, corruption, and failure spreading across multiple levels of organized society, many have looked to apply "transparency" to some of the world's oldest institutions. The Beligian architectural duo known as Gijs Van Vaerenbergh have taken this concept and applied it to the design and construction of this see through church in Belgian region of Haspengouw:

Digital Trends writes that the ten meter steel structure is part of a long-term project with the z33 House for Contemporary Art that will spread to different locations of the Netherlands over the next five years:

"According to the architects, the amount of people attending churches is on the decline, particularly in the Netherlands, with increasing amounts of abandoned churches which is an issue of concern among several artists. With this in mind, the architects in cooperation with Z33 named this project 'Reading Between the Lines'- which implies a perceived, obscure, or unexpressed meaning."

According to Dezeen, the design of the church is based on the architecture of the many churches in the region, but through the use of horizontal plates, the concept of the traditional church is transformed into a transparent object of art.

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