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‘Would you please raise my taxes?’


This is just getting ridiculous...

Prediction: It's only a matter of time until this unscripted (wink, wink) exchange makes its way into an Obama campaign ad as indisputable evidence that Obama is NOT a class warrior.  The rich want to be begrudged for their success -- and here's the proof!

It's nice that this anonymous rich man is "unemployed by choice," but that's just not the case for 99.9% of the rest of us. Perhaps instead of asking for a tax increase that would affect millions of other people, this individual "search engine" entrepreneur should think about more productive things to do with his money.

Has he never heard of charity? Has he never considered about using his capital to expand his business by creating jobs? Has he never thought about using his money to invest in other businesses so that they might hire more workers?

Why is government -- the most inefficient and ineffective economic engine -- the only solution in this guy's mind?

It's time to think outside the state-run box there, liberals.

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