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The federal gov’t spent $10,612 on YOU last year


Hey Big Spender!  According to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the federal government spent nearly $11,000 on each American last year domestically -- at least $5,000 of that tab includes social safety-net programs like Social Security, unemployment insurance, etc.

So, which states fared the best?  The Washington Times has the dirty details:

Broken down by states, Alaskans fared the best, with an average of nearly $18,000 per person in federal domestic spending, followed by Virginia, where a huge defense procurement industry meant the government spent more than $17,000 per person.

Were it a state, the District of Columbia, which is the seat of the federal government, would have topped them all at $102,904 per person in spending.

Nevada got the least federal spending at less than $8,000 per person.

All told, the government spent $3.276 trillion domestically in fiscal 2010. Of that, 27.9 percent went to retirement and disability payments, another 25 percent went to direct payments such as housing assistance or medical care, 20.9 percent went to grants, 15.8 percent was spent on procurement contracts, and 10.5 percent went to salaries and wages.

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