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Medieval Cookie, Cinnabon, & Kwanzaa CDs: Viral Video Spoof Dubs Over Rick Perry Speech


"Save a pretzel for the gas jets..."

The viral media ensemble "Bad Lip Reading" has recently created a video montage of poorly dubbed Rick Perry speeches in an homage to the GOP presidential candidate.

The video, that has now gone viral, features Perry spouting off some rather incoherent gibberish about Kwanzaa CDs, Cinnabon, "virgin heifers," goats and "hot, yellow Koolaid."

Yes, those are actually some of the lines attributed to the Texas Governor in a spoof that definitely defies the comprehension of a sober mind.

Below is a full transcript and the video that will surely delight the blogosphere for weeks to come:

"Ice-cream. That is cheap. Fact. And then I suspended Marcia off this bridge and took a virgin heifer night riding for a while.

We never got a dead spirit. We hated it though-it's disgusting.

Some one had a found a lung fish decorate their home for a married fools function.

Tuna Eggs Doritos Cheesecake Tamale. See ya.

Wipe that smile off. I'm gonna tell you something. Now sit. down

What's good is to get these goats for our computer industry

Yeah yeah ..now what i want you to do is build me a small  dog house

I'm bored by famine.

I cannot wait for a medieval cookie, a Cinnabon, hot yellow Koolaid. And save a pretzel for the gas jets. Thank you. I wrote that

Some do the Olympics and some defy the titans

We had this girl who was too ugly to ride and we were bitter.

This princess in a moustache, one size fits all, everybody hook up

Babe. You can borrow my CDs, not one every day

You could try my Kwanzaa CDs

They're not yours-you don't have to take any of them"

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/BhDhDRvHaGs?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

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