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Are You Ready for Japan's Tsunami-Fighting Mini-Noah's Arks?


Tennis ball-like, floating capsule.

The Japanese have tragically learned the power and fury of natural disasters. In 2011, an infamous tsunami killed thousands (20,000 died or went missing) and left the nation struggling to recover. Now, a small Japanese company is more than prepared for the next tsunami, as it has developed a miniature version of Noah's Ark.

As you'll likely recall, the Biblical story of Noah's Ark is one that inspires fear, while reinforcing the consequences for our human actions. While the God of the Bible pledges never to destroy the earth through water again, tsunamis and horrific storms still happen with frequency.

These incidents can lead to serious flooding and the like. So, Cosmo Powers, the company behind the tennis ball-like, floating capsule, is helping people to prepare for the worst.

The company's "Noah" shelter is made out of fiberglass and can hold up to four adults. Shoji Tanaka, the president of Cosmo Powers, claims that the mini-Ark has survived crash tests and that it even has a small looking window as well as breathing holes at its top. You can see more here (the video is in Japanese, so it's mostly good for its imagery -- unless you can speak the language, of course):

And here's the best part -- even if there's no tsunami coming in the near future, the capsule can be used as a children's playhouse.

While some may find this absurd, others will likely buy into it. After all, the fear and devastation that resulted from the tsunami earlier this year has left many emotionally, physically and economically depleted. The Noah shelter may offer people a peace of mind that can, at the least, allow them to feel more prepared in the case of another earthquake and tsunami.

Already, the company reports that 600 units have been ordered.

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