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Monday evening must-reads


Happy anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Obama!

(Not so) happy anniversary, TARP!

Is Harry Reid-backed Nevada Geothermal the next Solyndra?

Obama: No regrets over Solyndra boondoggle

The return of Van Jones and Marxist street protests

George Soros sympathizes with Wall Street "occupiers"

Screwball hippies think the Marines are coming

America is "not better off" today than four years ago

Thank Wal-Mart for your new bank card fee

Richard Trumka: Enough with the free trade stuff, already

The Chevy Volt is a big sales stinker

Who's ready for a Paul Ryan resurgence?

Ya don't say: WH tipped off AP photog ahead of Michelle's Target shopping trip

CNN's Blitzer: Chris Christie reminds me of Barack Obama

Texas Dems defend Rick Perry

Ron Paul: Obama's al-Awlaki assassination is an impeachable offense

Was killing al-Awlaki unconstitutional?

U.S. military tracks IEDs to Pakistan

Preview: Here comes the iPhone 5

"Occupy DC" protest attracks thousands hundreds dozens a few:

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