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‘Muslims Against Crusades’ Hold Moment of Silence For Terrorist Al-Awlaki


Promised that the Jihad would continue.

In the aftermath of the successful drone strike on Anwar Al-Awlaki on Friday, the group "Muslims Against Crusades" held a demonstration this weekend outside the Syrian Embassy in London in praise of the deceased Al-Qaeda cleric and called for a moment of silence in his memory, according to video posted by MEMRI.

Anjem Choudhary, the leader of the radical, pro-sharia group Muslims Against Crusades, as well as "Islam 4 UK" condemned the killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki, describing it as "murder," and proclaiming Awlaki as a "martyr." Choudhary promised the protestors that the jihad would continue despite Awlaki's death.

Once he finished his speech, Choudhary led the protesters in a memorial prayer for Al-Awlaki, and a moment of silence.

You can see Choudhary's eulogy for Awlaki below, courtesy of MEMRITV.org:

Muslims Against Crusades received media attention last month when it decided to "make as much noise as possible" during the 9/11 memorial moment of silence. The group also claims the U.S. has lost the global war on terror, and promotes the establishment of "sharia zones" in the U.K. as a first step towards a caliphate.

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