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Friday morning must-reads


More Europeans fear climate change than economic collapse

IMF advisor: Global financial meltdown could be here in "two to three weeks"

Pelosi: Without stimulus, unemployment be above 8% 14%

9.1% unemployment smells like the "new normal"

HMOs fight conservatives to save ObamaCare

Taxpayers on the hook for Harry Reid monument

Obama's October revolution

Public health concern: NY protesters wallow in their own filth

No shame: Jesse Jackson says Steve Jobs would approve of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests

Ben Stein: Go occupy yourselves

Totally Meghan McCain: A "spoiled, brainless twit"

Joe Biden Opens His Mouth: 2012 election edition

Herman Cain's post-racial promise

Andrew Jackson: Tea party president?

What happened in the Senate last night?

Blind teenager throw out first pitch -- and it's a strike:

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