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See These Nanotubes and Nanorockets Create an 'Invisibility Cloak


They may be only one molecule thick with the density of air, but they have the strength of steel.

What do you get when you take super-heated carbon nanontubes? A mirage that can act as an invisibility cloak.

Watch the technology created by researchers at the University of Dallas:

According to Wired (via Business Insider) the nanotubes are one molecule thick with the density of air but the strength of steel. For more on cloaking technology, check out this armored vehicle that researchers made "disappear."

Research is also being conducted to someday use nanotechnology as a vessel to whizz medication quickly through the body. New Scientist reports scientists at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Dresden, Germany, have developed nanorocket with less toxic fuel, compared to hydrazine, that could someday be used in medical settings.

Watch the rockets "fly":

The scientists created this less toxic fuel through a reaction with platinum and a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide. The nanorocket traveled 200 times its own length per second, but because even small amounts of peroxide aren't entirely safe for the body, scientists are still working on a better fuel. Scientists are able to control direction of the rocket using a magnetic field.

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