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I am a 53%-er – Are you?


It is about responsibility, personal responsibility.

If you have seen the story about the 53% on the front page of The Blaze , then you know what we're talking about - and if you are part of the 53%, we welcome your participation.

If you want your voice heard in the community of the 53%ers, you can post a photo/statement online (Facebook, Twitter, your own web page) with the hashtag #iamthe53

Here's mine

I am one of nine children.

Growing up, I delivered newspapers, shined shoes, carried golf bags, cut lawns, painted houses, worked on traveling carnivals, in restaurants and grocery stores…

I worked while I was in college and every single summer during college.

In virtually every year of my post-college life, I have had a full-time work and a part-time job.

I don’t have a union pension. My life is my responsibility, and not that of the government.

I am the 53%

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