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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Calls Abortion a ‘Needed Action’ & Refers to Fetal Heartbeats as ‘Sounds’


"This is not a law that can pass."

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) took to the House floor last week to state her views on the Protect Life Act. Despite her opposition to the anti-abortion bill, it passed in the House of Representatives, with 15 Democrats joining 236 Republicans in supporting it.

The measure amends the Democrats' health care law (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) to prohibit federal monies from being spent on health plans that cover abortion services. Additionally, it protects health care workers who oppose the procedure.

Lee's comments about abortion during her address were somewhat odd, considering that she referred to the controversial medical procedure as a "needed action." Additionally, she dubbed the heartbeats of fetuses as mere "sounds." CNSNews.com has more:

Voicing her opposition to the measure on Thursday, Jackson Lee referenced a previous Texas law, “Just as the courts ruled unconstitutional and upheld the provision of the Texas law that required a doctor to talk first to a woman seeking an abortion and to allow or force them both to listen, uh, to sounds that, uh, might discourage this needed action, this is going to be held unconstitutional. This is not a law that can pass,” Jackson said.

Watch her make these comments, below:

The dismissal of a fetal heartbeat as a "sound" teamed with the insinuation that abortions are "needed" will likely frustrate conservatives, particularly evangelicals and others who oppose abortion for religious reasons.

Back in June, the Blaze reported on Lee's bizarre comments during Congressional hearings on radical Islam in America. She said, “As we look to be informational, we should include an analysis of how Christian militants or others might bring down the country. We have to look broadly, do we not?”

Her comments this past summer, ironically, were based upon one instance in which an abortion clinic was bombed by a radical opposed to the controversial procedure.

(H/T: CNSNews.com)

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