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Freed American Hikers Once Held in Iran Join ‘Occupy Oakland’


"This is amazing to see our country coming back to life and our city coming together."

The three American hikers who were held recently (some for over two years) in Iran on charges of espionage are the latest to come out in support of the Occupy Wall St. movement. But they didn't just come out in support, they attended a rally in Oakland.

Shane Bauer, Josh Fattal and Sarah Shourd spoke Monday at the Occupy Oakland encampment, making it clear that they stand in solidarity with the movement and the protesters.

The Associated Press has the video:

The Oakland Tribune has some quotes from the trio:

Shourd told the Occupy Oakland crowd that the trio connects with the suffering of millions "who don't have enough to eat, who don't have enough money or jobs and don't enjoy the liberties which they deserve."

"Once that is taken from you," she told the crowd of about 300 people gathered at the 100-tent encampment in Frank Ogawa Plaza, "you never forget it again."

The appearance by Bauer, Fattal and Shourd was the second infusion of star power to the loose-knit Oakland group. On Saturday, activist actor Danny Glover joined a march to City Hall calling for economic justice.

The three freed hikers said the movement resonated with them. "This is amazing to see our country coming back to life and our city coming together. This is a wonderful homecoming," said Bauer, a freelance journalist from Minnesota. "This is the perfect place to celebrate our freedom. I feel the city is part of my heart and I can't tell you how important this feels."

"So anything Shane, Josh and I can do to lend our support or our voices to people who don't have a voice is a privilege," Shourd added.

All three hikers were freed after a combined $1.5 million dollars was paid to bail them out.

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