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Are your brain’s hemispheres in competition?


While people say that their head may think one thing while their heart feels another, this really is just the two hemispheres of your brain -- the right and left -- competing against each other.

This comprehensive video details the two sides of the brain and the "corpus callosum," the division that between the two hemispheres that is actually thought to make them try to inhibit each other.  Here we learn not only what each side does but how the different lobes of the brain have affected history:

Iain McGilchrist, psychologist and creator of this video, says left hemisphere "yields clarity and power to manipulate things that are known, fixed, static, isolated, ... general in nature, but ultimately lifeless." The right hemisphere "yields a world of individual, changing, evolving, interconnected, implicit, incarnate, living beings within the context of the lived world." He says there is a problem between the nature of these two worlds. He notes in early history, there was a balance between the two worlds, but as time went on it drifted further to the left. So what does he suggest we need? A drift back toward looking through the right side's point of view.

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