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Christian Bible Club Sues Okla. School District Over Alleged Media Restrictions


“This is a simple matter of a school district targeting a Christian organization."

An Oklahoma school district is potentially heading to court after a Christian club claims that it was forbidden from promoting its events on campus. As a result of these purported restrictions, the group, called "Kids for Christ," has decided to sue the Owasso Public Schools.

The Christian club holds morning meetings, which are open to children in kindergarten through fifth grade, at the district's elementary school before the start of the schoolday.

"Kids for Christ" describes itself as "a student initiated, parent/teacher sponsored, public school bible club for kindergarten-5th grade students in Owasso, Oklahoma" and the group's mission statement, via its Facebook page, is as follows:

Our mission is simple, to reach our children with the good news of Jesus Christ, encourage each child to reach their full potential, and help equip our children with the tools to face their every day adversities. We look into the faces of these children and see our future leaders.

While club organizers claim that they were initially allowed to promote their activities through announcements and flyers, they say these allowances changed with the new semester.

Despite the fact that the Boy Scout and YMCA are permitted to promote activities at the school, "Kids for Christ" organizers claim that they no longer enjoy this privilege. Matt Sharp, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, says that the school district has told the club it can no longer publicize events.

Sharp also says that the district has discouraged club organizers from spreading the word in the community and in local media. “This is a simple matter of a school district targeting a Christian organization,” says Sharp, who is representing the group.

“They have a specific policy on the books that targets religious expression by community organizations," he continues. “The superintendent said they were religious and couldn’t have the same access as other clubs.

While school officials have acknowledged receiving the complaint, they have not had time to review its contents.  Sharp claims that the lawsuit's goal is to ensure "equal access."

(H/T: Fox News)

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