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Glenn Unveils Letter to British Parliament Conservatives Over Their EU 'Rebellion


"I would like to congratulate you on an honest course of action..."

There was a major vote in UK's parliament on Monday, and it's caused Glenn to write an open letter of support for its conservative members.

What happened? There was a referendum that would have allowed Britain's citizens to vote on whether to be a part of the European Union.  Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the Conservative Tory Party instructed its members to vote against the referendum, thus taking the decision out of the hands of the people. But despite the instructions, 81 members defected and voted in favor of the referendum. It's a move the London paper The Guardian described as an embarrassing "rebellion:"

David Cameron has described the Conservative colleagues who took part in the largest postwar rebellion on Europe on Monday night as "valued" colleagues, insisting there was "no bad blood, no rancour, no bitterness" over their actions.

As the prime minister sought to play down the divisions that saw 81 Conservatives – nearly half his backbenchers – defy the Tory whip to support a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, strains in the coalition government came to the fore.


The Conservatives focused on seeking to limit the fallout from the vote as the government confirmed that two parliamentary private secretaries, Stewart Jackson and Adam Holloway, had been removed from their posts following their decisions to rebel.

Glenn applauded the action, and on Tuesday's GBTV program read an open letter to the conservative members of Parliament:

You can read the full text of the letter at

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