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Saturday Bonus: BadLipReading Team Tackles Herman Cain With 'Big Potato Moths' & More...


"Everybody needs Toucan stubs."

(h/t TalkingPointsMemo)

The disturbed folks at BadLipReading are certainly on a viral roll.

Their most popular recent effort by far is the Rick Perry version:

And many of you enjoyed their earlier effort featuring Mitt Romney:

Their Michele Bachmann version is a bit edgier (be warned):

In bi-partisan fashion they have taken on the President:

But proving that pop culture trumps politics...it is their sinister version of Rebecca Black's "Friday" that has racked more than 4 million views:

The Washington Post tracked down the anonymous-for-now creator to find out how this project started:

Earlier this year, I was hired to film two radio talk show hosts. One of the hosts had a curious habit of silently mouthing words to himself while the other guy was talking. He would look straight at the guy talking, listen to what he was saying but silently mouth phrases the entire time. He wasn’t mimicking or mirroring the other guy’s mouth movements. It was almost like he was rehearsing what he was going to say, but I couldn't understand how he could possibly know in advance what he was going to say in response to what the other guy was saying.

I was shooting with a couple of other guys, and we kept looking at each other like: “What in the world is he doing? What is he saying?” It was disconcerting. And when I got the footage back to my studio, I looked at it, and I thought, “Hey, I wonder if I could read his lips and make out what he was saying!” I just wanted a snippet. One phrase. And I tried to do it, but, again, my brain kept coming up with completely random, strange interpretations. They were mainly random word combinations like “Bacon Hobbit” and “Moose potion, poke me” — things like that. So I grabbed my microphone and recorded these phrases into the computer, and when I played that back in sync with the video, it really looked like the guy was saying it.

I was laughing so hard. I titled the video “What He Really Said” and sent it to the guys that were on the shoot with me, and it destroyed them. They were in tears. So, I did a couple of other videos like that, which just circulated between us as an inside joke.

The rest of the interview is lengthy and interesting.  Read it here.

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