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Obama: '30 Million Americans' Will Have Healthcare 'Next Year' Because of Obamacare


“54 percent of Americans favor repealing some version, some part of that law..."

In an interview with Mark Wilson, correspondent for Fox News Tampa, President Barack Obama claimed that some "thirty million Americans" will be able to get health insurance coverage next year because of Obamacare.

“54 percent of Americans favor repealing some version, some part of that law," Wilson told the president.

"As you know, Florida leads the way in repealing it. What would you do differently now with regards to health care reform, knowing what we know now?”

To which Obama replied:

“Well, look, keep in mind a million young people around the country have healthcare that didn’t have it before because they can stay on their parent’s healthcare plan. Millions of families all across the country benefited from additional drug benefits as a consequence of that healthcare plan. Thirty million Americans, including a lot of people in Florida, are going to be able to get healthcare next year because of that law.

"So although it's been attacked by the insurance industry and a lot of money's been poured into making people uncertain about it, when you actually look at how ordinary folks are being affected, they now have protections they've never had before," Obama asserted.

"They have certainty that insurance companies can't drop them just because they get sick. They can't prevent them from getting insurance because they've got a pre-existing condition. Seniors have benefited from being able to get free preventive care, and it's going to drive down costs overall."

Watch the interview below:

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