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Dramatic Video of a Boeing 767 Making a 'Belly Landing' in Poland


“Its almost like a Polish Captain Sully..."

A flight from Newark, New Jersey, carrying 230 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing on its belly in Warsaw, Poland, because of problems with the Boeing 767's landing gear. And while all the passengers were unharmed, the landing did produce some dramatic video.

Fox News Insider reports:

The pilot circled the airport for an hour because the landing gear did not come down. Remarkably, all 230 passengers survived the emergency landing.

The former FAA chief spokesman Scott Brenner watched the miraculous landing with Hemmer. Brenner described it, saying, “Its almost like a Polish Captain Sully who landed in the Hudson a while ago. We could not have asked for a more picture perfect landing.”

You can watch the dramatic footage below:

ITN News has the video along with audio, where the roar of the engines and some faint scraping can be heard:

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