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Canadian Sportscaster Wins $2 Million Lottery on Live TV


Barry Deley is a sportscaster with Canada's Global BC. And while he doesn't participate in office lottery pools, he is lucky. What do I mean? Consider this video, which shows that Deley recently entered a charity lottery where the winner would be announced live on his station. It was. And guess who won: Deley.

The video shows the utter disbelief of his fellow anchors as the person drawing the ticket reads off the winner's name. She mispronounces it at first but gets the city correct. That sparked interest from the anchors, who implored her to read the name a couple more times. That's when the light bulb went on. And not wanting to miss TV gold, the anchors called Deley on the phone and told him he had just won the grand prize, which included his choice of several houses or $2 million.

And yes, they did ask the burning question of whether he was going to come into work. His answer? Maybe not until after Christmas.

You can watch it all unfold below:

(H/T: Sharp Elbows)

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