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How Much Does the Internet Weigh? About as Much as a Strawberry


When you downloaded books to your e-reader, you actually added a small amount of weight to it.

Although most of us probably think of the Internet as this glorious thing that floats around taking up no real space or weight in our reality, but now we're being told that it actually does have a weight. And it's about as much as a strawberry.

The Daily Mail reports that recently a mathematician -- John D. Kubiatowicz, a computer science professor at University of California, Berkeley -- was able to prove that when you downloaded books to your e-reader, you actually added a small amount of weight to it:

[...] due to the energy 'gained' by electrons when they store information, and the weight of that energy.

Filling a Kindle with books causes it to gain an infinitesimally small amount of mass - so small that it gains 100,000,000 times more when you recharge the battery.

Using this same logic, a YouTube video was developed calculating the weight of the Internet as a whole:

As the creator of the video notes, this weight of a strawberry includes the weight of the electrons in the electricity that runs the Internet -- not our individual computes that access it. If we were going just based on information stored on the Internet, the Daily Mail notes, it would only weigh about as much as a spec of dust.

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