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Your Facebook Profile Could Be Giving Away Answers to Your Online Security Questions


"They know you very well."

What is your dog's name? What is the name of the street your grew up on? What was your childhood nickname? What is the middle name of your youngest child?

Take a moment and think about these popular security questions. They sound like the kind you would answer if you've forgotten your password.

Now think about the information you have on Facebook or any other social media site where you have a profile with information about yourself. Would people be able to find a picture of you and your dog, which you have tagged as Smuckers in your caption. Could they find a post on your wall from long-time friend reminiscing about the good old days on Evergreen Road and calling you Little Sue? Or do you have the photo of your child when they were just born, full name, birthdate and weight included.

You may have thought of all they ways Facebook could be used against you before, but perhaps this wasn't one of them. It wasn't for Glenda Kremer who said in a report by local Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV that she felt "invaded."

As the KTNV report goes, Kremer attempted to log into her bank account, only to find her password had be changed on her. Calling the bank revealed someone in New York, where she was not, was trying to get her account information and they had answered two out of the three security questions for a forgotten password. The bank representative then asked her to think about her security questions in relation to her Facebook page.

Watch the report for more about Kremer's story:

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

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