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A Little Too Much Coffee': Joe Walsh Explains Town Hall Tirade


"It was too much coffee and no food."

Rep. Joe Walsh said it was too much coffee and a lack of food that resulted in his videotaped tirade during a meeting with constituents Sunday.

"I made the mistake of doing this on an empty stomach and with a little too much coffee," the Illinois Republican and Tea Party favorite told Fox News' Neil Cavuto Wednesday. "I downed a couple quick cups which was probably a mistake."

He pointed out that his "Cup of Joe with Joe" events are "always passionate, spirited affairs" but admitted he might have gone a bit far.

"Did I go over the line on Sunday? Yeah, but I think in general most people find it refreshing that a congressman is so accessible," he said.

Cavuto asked whether Walsh thought his actions might contribute to the image of the Tea Party as a bunch of "over-caffeinated freaks."

"There is no doubt Neil that I was a bit too wound up at this one," he said, pointing out that his events always allow others to express differing opinions.

"I think the world of you, congressman," Cavuto said. "I think you should change it to maybe 'Cup o' Prozac.' 'Maybe Cup o' Downer.'"

Walsh laughed and readily agreed. "It was too much coffee and no food," he said.

Watch the full interview below, via Fox News:

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