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A 'Fun-Bloody-Tastic' Way for the Blind to Play Soccer


Before Daniel lost his eyesight, he used to play football (soccer) all the time. Naturally, this ability became impossible when his vision was lost, but Pepsi has created a program that allows the blind to "see with sound" and play the sport again.

Watch how the technology works, using sound and tracking devices to help these men sense others around them and position of the ball and goal:

Here the players explain why they wanted to participate in this experiment  -- one of whom says it is to avenge his childhood football coach who thought those who were visually impaired shouldn't play -- and how they felt about it after testing.

To allow the players to sense all the parts of the game, the technology uses 3D sound, which is based on different angles depending on where the sound is around the players head. This gives the player a sense of how far away something is and in which direction.

Watch the technologist explain more about how "see through hearing" works:

[H/T Business Insider]

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