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The Top 5 Videos From the Occupy Wall Street Eviction


"Literally risking their lives to save our home."

Following the NYPD's successful attempt at evicting Occupiers from their "homeland" at Zuccotti Park, a number of must-see videos have emerged.

These clips capture the chaos and confusion that unfolded once law enforcement officers arrived at the scene. We've compiled the five most interesting, entertaining and shocking moments to emerge thus far from the NYPD crackdown.

(UPDATE: Judge halts occupy eviction)

The first video, which was apparently taken just moments after the eviction, shows a group of young protesters waving lighters in the air and serenading police.

In between the Occupiers and a line of police, a man sits playing a banjo -- apparently in an effort to provide music to accompany their expletive-filled lyrics. In between hums, the group sings, "What the f*ck," while the cops simply stare. Watch the clip, below (warning: language):

Now, let's have a change of pace. The following video starts with what looks like a peaceful stroll down a Manhattan street. But before long, a man in a hooded sweatshirt can be seen running from authorities.

Of course, the chase doesn't end favorably for him when NYPD officers tackle him to the ground. The protesters can be heard chanting, "Shame, shame, shame, shame!" One man yells, "You should be with us!" -- apparently a plea for the police to join the now homeless campers (caution: language and violence):

Then there's this woman, who claims to have been part of the human chain that was formed in Zuccotti Park's kitchen tent during the police removal. Her name is apparently, "Sparkles Veronica Taylor." Yes, "Sparkles."

In the video, she recaps, with great dramatic performance, the police brutality she allegedly witnessed. She says, "I saw them beat up a lot of people." But the most curious part is her statement (around 1:50) about the protestors' bravery.

In describing their actions she proclaimed that they were, "Literally risking their lives to save our home." Watch it, below (caution: language):

And then there's this video of an attempted human chain. People can be heard yelling "lock your arms." One woman frantically screams, "Join with us! Join with us!"

In another portion of the clip, the protesters chant, "The whole world is watching!" Watch the chaos ensue (caution: language):

And this last video is simply out-of-control. It's a short clip during which police can be seen clashing with protesters. But the "Where's Waldo?" moment happens around 1:40, when a protester (or potentially a cameraman -- I'm not sure) can be seen climbing a street post. The police subsequently yell for him to come down:

Stay tuned. More to follow.

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