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Warped Perspective': Pat Robertson Hints Obama Educated in a 'Muslim' School


"His father was a Kenyan socialist."

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is one of Right Wing Watch's favorite right-leaning targets. Judging from the ongoing scrutiny and the consistent articles that RRW posts, it would appear as though they're monitoring the Christian Broadcast Network's "700 Club" program pretty fervently.

They've covered Robertson's views on Alzheimer's and divorce, his take on Occupy Wall Street (i.e. Christians shouldn't get involved) and his stance on the 2012 GOP presidential candidates, among other subjects.

In the latest dust-up, RRW posted a clip from today's show in which Robertson discusses some controversial themes surrounding President Barack Obama's upbringing. Here is the transcript of his words:

"The thing that somehow concerns me -- they say he's going back to the place he spent his childhood. He spent four years in Indonesia -- I don't know if he was trained in a madrassa -- one of those Muslim schools.

But nevertheless -- that is his inclination. His father was a Kenyan socialist and he talks about the roots of his father. So he's got Africa and an Indonesian background. I don't know what his mother was doing. She just sort of footed around. But nevertheless, this might give him a warped perspective of what needs to be done to make America the greatest nation on earth."

Watch his words, below:

Robertson's words create some angst in critics, because he seems to indicate that the president's worldview -- based primarily on his upbringing and on his father's views -- make him ill-equipped to serve as an American president. RRW writes:

On The 700 Club today, Pat Robertson floated the debunked conspiracy theory that President Obama went to a madrassa in Indonesia when he was a child and said that the president has a Muslim “inclination.”

RRW then cites the following CNN report, which debunks any questions about Obama's schooling, while focusing on the secular nature of the institution he attended:

What do you think -- were Robertson's comments fair-minded or not?

(H/T: FOX Nation)

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