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Clueless': Rant-Prone Congressman Cuts Loose on 'Well-Funded Far-'Left' Occupy Efforts


Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh caught national attention when he went off during an especially agressive town hall tirade earlier in the month. The Tea Party favorite passed off his tone as the result of drinking a "little too much coffee" on an empty stomach. At another town hall this weekend Walsh did not get as irate, but delivered some cutting rhetoric to describe his opinion of "Occupy Wall Street" protesters.

"This whole Occupy Wall Street…stuff…is a well-orchestrated, well-funded far left effort to disrupt the American people and rile up Obama’s left base," said Walsh.

Walsh asserted his opinion that Occupy Wall Street is "Advocating anti-american solutions," and yelled that they are "Clueless, when it comes to what this country's all about, and the rest of the country ought to educate them."

After these comments a woman in the crowd asked Walsh if he considers U.S. military veterans protesting in the Occupy Wall Street movement "anti-american."

“I don’t know how many veterans are part of the Occupy protest,” answered Walsh.“I can’t imagine it’s many, but anyone who would advocate socialist solutions to certain problems in this country, they don’t understand this country.”

Some unrest broke out in the crowd when Walsh spoke about what he believed the Occupy Wall Street movement was advocating.

"They came out with a 14 or 15 point manifesto that basically advocated a living wage for everyone,” Walsh said. “Absolve all student debt. Absolve all mortgages. Everybody gets a home. Everybody gets free health care. What do they advocate?"

A man named Doug who claimed to have participated in the Occupy Chicago protest Thursday said; "These are real people, with real problems and the government is not addressing their problems."

"They're giving priority to big corporations and multi-millionaires. They were able to bail out the big corporations, but when it comes to the average person, they've done very little. These are real people that are very frustrated and they have no other outlet."

Doug went on to say that he believes the Occupy Wall Street movement is grassroots having started from the "ground up," but the Tea Party movement was funded by big corporations "that played on the real frustrations of the average person."

Walsh allowed a man in the crowd who is critical of Occupy Wall Street to follow Doug, creating a debate between those supporting and those critical of Occupy Wall Street.

Walsh the told the crowd that both Republicans and Democrats want what is best for the country, but argue about what they believe the government can do to fix the problem. Walsh said that he believes the Occupy Wall Street protesters are on the far left of the ideological spectrum, believing that government should do everything. To this, Walsh asks "How can government do everything," and said that he does not believe it is possible.

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