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New York': Arianna Huffington has hair like Donald Trump


In a profile slightly more in depth than Herman Cain's thoughts on Libya, "New York" magazine compares one of Arianna Huffington's hairstyles to that of America's favorite game show host:

On a recent Sunday afternoon, ­Arianna Huffington, the 61-year-old editorial director of the newly merged AOL–Huffington Post, gathers a group of children around her on a white rug, reading a series of stories. Her outfit—tuxedo jacket, sensible pants, hair lightened to the color of Donald Trump’s and with a similarly distinctive swirl—is a little more formal than the event [...]

The profile also calls Huffington "the world’s best bullshit artist, with stagehands and pulleys at work in conversation (although, oddly, she remains intensely enjoyable to be around)"; a sentiment shared by at least one former Huffington employee who described her as a "stepmother that you just want to love but can’t because you know she’s pure evil."


h/t FishbowlNY

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