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Gazans March Against the 'Judaization' of Jerusalem, 'Release Al-Aqsa From the Impurity of the Jews


The Arab Spring will rise up to “release Al-Aqsa from the impurity of the Jews."

Some might say protesting the "Judaization" of Jerusalem is akin to protesting the "Catholization" of The Vatican. Still, that is precisely what happened when tens of thousands of Gazans took to the streets Friday in a rally aimed at "saving" Jerusalem from its “Judaization. The procession, not surprisingly, was organized by Hamas, with offshoot marches held in other Arab countries.

Israel National News reports the main procession started at the Al-Omari mosque immediately after Friday prayers, with demonstrators later arriving at Palestine Square, where a rally was held with the participation of Hamas’ prime minister Ismail Haniyeh and Deputy Parliament Speaker Ahmed Bahar to name a few.

“When we say that we agree to a state within the 1967 borders (1949 armistice line –ed.) with its capital in Jerusalem, our intention is contingent on non-recognition of the Israeli entity and on the return of refugees,” Haniyeh said.

During the rally, protesters waved posters which read, “Al-Quds (the Arab name for Jerusalem) will remain Arab and Islamic,” and the participants chanted, “We will sacrifice our souls and our blood for Al-Quds.” One of the speakers, parliament member Mushir al-Masri (Hamas), said that the weekly Friday protests illustrate the willingness of Muslims to do everything for the liberation of the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Masri added that the the Arab Spring would soon rise up to “release Al-Aqsa from the impurity of the Jews," snuffing out any illusions that the Arab Spring is moderate.

Haniyeh said during a meeting with Sunni clerics in Egypt that “Palestine” is, unequivocally, considered holy Islamic soil.

In keeping with their new "stop the Judaization of Jerusalem" theme, Hamas and other militants are staging additional rallies.

Last week, Hamas announced its intention to hold a “million man march” in Cairo which would also protest against the “Judaization” of Jerusalem.

Previously, the sheikh of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, a top religious authority of Sunni Muslims, warned Israel not to continue the "Judaization" of Jerusalem.

Meawnhile, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayib declared at a press conference that the "Judaization" of "Al-Quds" and harming the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound would prompt the annihilation of "the Zionist entity in Palestine."

With Palestinian leaders telling the world in their very own words their intentions -- that they will not recognize Israel and instead seek its destruction -- is there still doubt that the Palestinians have never wanted a genuine two-state solution?


Bold emphasis added by The Blaze. 

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