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Cenk Uygur's Context Problem

Mitt Romney is under fire for an ad he released in New Hampshire after it became known that the spot contained an out of context quote by President Obama. The media didn't hesitate to pounce on the error and of course liberal stalwart and former MSNBC employee Cenk Uygur was quick to note the contextual discrepancy. On the November 23rd 2011 of The Young Turks, Uygur expressed his outrage:

The main lie in the ad when they quoted Obama saying, “If we keep talking about the economy we’re going to lose.” Now, you want to know what the reality is? That was Obama in 2008 quoting a John McCain advisor. The early part of that sentence which they cut out of the video was, “a John McCain advisor says if we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose. So you could not quote him more out of context. That is an absolute lie Obama did not say that about his own campaign…it’s the exact opposite of what the reality is.

And Uygur was right. The line was taken completely out of context and should never have made it to air.

Uygur’s outrage is rather disingenuous, however, when you consider one of his previous experiences with context in political campaign ads. If we think back on the most egregious cases of “out of context” quoting in recent history, Former Florida Congressman Alan Grayson’s ‘Taliban Dan’ ad from 2010. If you’ll remember, this is the ad in which Grayson quoted opponent Daniel Webster at a church function saying, “Wives submit yourself to your husband” and “she should submit to me, that’s in the bible”. The full context of the quotes, however, clearly show’s that Webster was specifically saying NOT to quote those passages in the bible.

At the time, Grayson took a considerable amount of flak for the ad except for one person who had nothing but praise, Cenk Uygur. Take a look at this clip of Uygur calling Grayson's ad a "show of strength" on September 27th of 2010:

Looks like Cenk was for full context before he was against it. On a side note, congratulations to Current TV on it's acquisition of Cenk. Considering his consistency issues, I'm sure that's going to work out as well as his tenure at MSNBC.

Update 11:08am:Lee Doren points out to me that Cenk later pulled a mea culpa on his praise of the Grayson ad saying that Grayson was right on the substance of Dan Webster's positions but that he was "Breitbarting it" with the editing. Credit where it's due.

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