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Alec Baldwin's Latest Twitter Rant Against Conservatives: 'Gun-Loving, War-Mongering, Trolls....Bring It!!


"Obama 2012!!!"

Some celebrities Tweet about the organic oats they eat for breakfast -- others about their latest romantic trysts and break-ups. But, for longtime actor Alec Baldwin, Tweets are reserved for, among other things, viciously bashing conservatives.

You may recall Baldwin's last Twitter rant, in which he denounced the execution of convicted murderer Troy Davis, directing most of his ire at conservatives, namely author and pundit Michelle Malkin. During the Twitter rant, Baldwin asked Malkin if she was "happy" that Davis had died, while Baldwin's fans told Malkin to "give someone a pedicure, chink."

This time, Baldwin's latest Twitter-ravings were targeted at George W. Bush, Dick Cheney -- who Baldwin affectionately dubs "Dick Strangelove" -- Mark Levin, Free Republic readers, and everyone he considers "dumb*ss hillbillies" and "right wing trash."


"Mark Levin loving zombie hater trash!!!"

"Free Republic, American Renaissance, gun-loving, war-mongering, trolls....bring it!!"

Baldwin then unleashed his obligatory Tweet berating former President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney:

Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard points out what he considers the entertainment-factor of Baldwin's Tweets:

From there, Baldwin started going after people for their low number of followers - a truly classy thing for a movie star to do - while making what appears to be anti-Hispanic slurs, and concluding with more Bush/Cheney bashing.

What I like the most about today's rant is how this man who thinks himself a genius compared to others worthy of entering politics confuses "right" and "write":

"I assume you can right off all of your write wing dry cleaning bills."

"Can you right off the magenta panties?"


But, if Baldwin could scream at his then 11-year old daughter, calling her a "rude, thoughtless  little pig," bashing conservatives might not come as a shock.


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