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See the Bizarre MSNBC 'Morning Joe' Promo That Features Cast Members Smoking & Boozing


"It's called self-deprecating humor.”

MSNBC has been churning out some pretty bizarre promos lately. Perhaps the network is hoping that the attention these oddball clips generate will help boost awareness and -- subsequently -- ratings. There must be a method to the PR madness, right?

The latest ad to emerge is a "Morning Joe" promo that features the cast engaged in debauchery. The clip, which is best described as a spoof, shows Mika Brzezinski waking up early, prepping lunches for her family, feeding her dogs, then going for a run. The male co-hosts -- most notably Joe Scarborough -- are depicted as irresponsible smokers and boozers. Mike Barnicle even wakes up on a park bench.

While some critics are dismissing the ad as sexist, silly or, as we've characterized it, "odd," the co-hosts deny these claims. "It's called self-deprecating humor,” Brzezinski said in a statement from MSNBC. "I understand that is a concept alien in today's media world. But it's one that fits us well."

The ad is surely funny at moments, but some may find it ill-fitting for a morning news show. The scenes of the cast as out-of-control partiers is being seen a bit "much."

Below, watch the video for yourself:

Let's not forget last week's Al Sharpton ad about the GOP and blueberry pie -- yet another MSNBC oddity.

(H/T: Politico)

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