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Did Feds Just Issue Another Failed EAS Test...Featuring Katy Perry Tune?


"You won't believe what I just saw," Blaze editor Jon Seidl said to me earlier this afternoon. Apparently, Seidl had been watching the news networks on DirecTV this afternoon when lo and behold another Emergency Alert System test popped up.

Like the first test nationwide test of the EAS system by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Association on Nov. 9, this one appeared to be unsuccessful as well, with several technical errors. Currently, it is unconfirmed whether the test was scheduled or a fluke. Neither the FCC or DirecTV had returned messages from The Blaze before the time of this posting.

Seidl said while he was watching Fox News, the alert popped up followed by a message from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. And it wasn't Lady Gaga Seidl heard singing this time -- Gaga's "Paparazzi" was heard by DirecTV viewers during the first test earlier this month -- but Katy Perry singing "California Girls".

Here's what Seidl captured (Note: With DirecTV he was able to rewind and capture all the footage.):

There have been a few accounts on Twitter so far.

Did EAS just have another failed test?

Did EAS just have another failed test?

DirecTV users were among the many on Nov. 9 that experienced either a delayed or flawed test. Time Warner subscribers reported not even seeing the test, while some Comcast customers said their TV switch over to QVC. At the time, FEMA acknowledged the glitch and said they were collecting data on the test for analysis.

Ironically, today FEMA is hosting a special event to cover findings and lessons learned of this first nationwide EAS test. Learn more about the meeting or listen into the discussion between industry experts here. (Note: The meeting ends at 3:30 EST.)

We will update this story with more information as it emerges.

Update: FCC official contacted The Blaze and said the alert must have been part of periodic testing that is required for individual participants. The official said it was not part of a nationwide test and that tests on an individual basis happen frequently. The official was not sure what was happening with the message from the sheriff's department or the Katy Perry song.

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